What is Machine learning? Methods of Machine learning

Machine learning is one of those advanced technologies that is related with artificial intelligence, which is considered to be the most growing technology of present times. The main aim of machine learning is to understand and create a communication system between humans and machinery. However, machine learning is considered as the part of information technology but it has some of the features that do not meet with the actual functionality and requirements of traditional computer approaches. The traditional computer approaches uses the algorithms that are allowed to function according to the requirement of the individual and tries to resolve the problem but in the case of machine learning, algorithms learn from the daily activity of the individual and start solving out the problems according to it. In simple words, machine learning is highly focused towards the actions performed by the individual. In addition, machine learning supports automated decision making approaches that are considered to be a magical change for computer systems.

If we talk about some of the technologies that are highly focused on machine learning then facial recognition technology is considered to be the major part of advanced technologies which is completely focused over machine learning and this concept also helps the social media to introduce the tag feature with which the user can easily determine the account of the particular person. Along with this technology, optical character recognition is one of theother technologies which is highly used for converting images of text into written text. With these things, it has been assumed that machine learning is going to be very helpful in future and it has been constantly developing different fields with the help of its intelligence and accuracy.

In this article, we are going to discuss about machine learning and some of the segments which helps the people to understand the importance of machine learning and how much change it can make to the information technology sector.

Methods of Machine learning

There are some of the categories in which the tasks are divided and these categories usually works over the feedback received from the users. Let us also discuss about the most common machine learning methods and the first one is supervised learning which usually works on the basis of input and output data which is given by humans while the second one is unsupervised learning in which the machine needs to find out the structures in input data. Let us discuss these topics in deep as they play the major role in the technology:


Supervised learning is that part of machine learning in which computer systems are provided some of the examples with the help of which they need to input the data and work according to it. Usually, the desired outputs are labelled for this type of learning. The main purpose of using this type of learning is to learn from the outputs and modify the model according to the labelled requirements. Usually, supervised learning takes the help of different patterns which helps it to predict the labelled requirements. The main usage of supervised learning can easily be seen in the historical data as they become very accurate for predicting the future events. Along with this thing, the use of supervised learning can also be seen in stock markets as it would help the user to understand the fluctuations that occur in upcoming time.


Unsupervised learning is that type of machine learning in which the data is completely unlabelled and the machine needs to find out the common factors in the input and this is the main reason why unsupervised learning is considered to be more effective and efficient as compared to supervised learning. The main purpose of unsupervised learning is to find out the patterns that are hidden in the data set and try to find out the patterns that help it to make classifications between raw data. The most common usage of unsupervised learning can easily be seen in the transactional details as it would help the company to find out the specific type of transactions made by the individual for a specific category of products.

These are some of the methods that can be used in machine learning and considered to be very helpful for generating required output.

 Approach of machine learning

The concept of machine learning is highly similar to the statistics and there are some of the studies which prove that statistics is the only method with which the machine learning gains so much of information and knowledge. Let us discuss about the major approaches that can be used in machine learning and the first one is correlation and second one is regression. Correlation is a type of measurement in which two variables are measured whether they are designated as independent or dependent. On the other hand, regression is something which is very basic and it determines a relationship between independent and dependent variables. However, these approaches are constantly evolving according to the requirements and there are few more approaches that can also be included in machine learning in order to make it even more efficient and accurate.

Programming language in machine learning

Whenever we talk about machine learning then there are some of the programming languages that are very specific and specialised with machine learning. Talking about these programming languages, the first one is Python which is quite popular and there are some of the studies which proves that Python has a significant role in machine learning as it is highly developed with deep learning which is considered as an important segment of machine learning. The other language could be used is Java which is considered to be as an enterprise language and usually used by front end developers and application developers for enterprise procedures. The third language is R programming language which is basically an open source programming language and has some of the functionality with static computing. At last, C++ is the language which is considered to be as a significant choice for machine learning and artificial intelligence.


With all these things, we can easily conclude that machine learning is highly important for future instances and this technology is going to provide various benefits to different sectors. In addition to this, the constant involvements in this technology may result in revolutionary change in the communication system between machines and humans which results in high progress in other fields as well. This article is going to be very helpful and understanding related to the methods and the concept of machine learning.

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