What is Cloud Computing? Services of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is like all other new technologies that means it has various advance applications and it has also helped people as well as organizations to improve their working style and also helped them to grow a lot.  This technology is an on-demand technology similar to that of the internet services and it is also important for the computational systems also like data storage, networking capabilities, applications, development tools, servers and various other that are present there. The technology has been hosted by the data centre that is being remote in their form and they are managed by the cloud service providers. The cloud service provider helps in making the resources available to the people based on the subscription bills or in the form of fees on their demand.

What is Cloud Computing? Services of Cloud Computing

There are various benefits and things that have been provided by the cloud computing technology for the people and they are:

  • The IT costs are lower: Cloud helps in cutting off various other expenses as it helps in providing all the things like purchasing, configuring, installing and also management of all the things over on-premises structure.
  • There is improvement in the agility and also deals with the time to value: By the help of the cloud, organizations get an opportunity to connect to the applications in just few minutes because it provides the things that helps in doing. The time that is being wasted over the waiting for the response from the end of IT organizations is saved by the help of cloud usage and also the demand for the configuration, installation and hardware and software things are also controlled by the use of it. The cloud computing technology is not only limited to this as it also helps some type of users in a very significant manner and the people that are benefitted with this technology are the developers and the data scientists.
  • Scaling of the things is done easily and even the technology is cost effective: The cloud technology focuses over providing the elasticity to the organizations as they do not focus on the capacity of the things and then leave them unused. The capacity of the things could be raised up or decreased based on the demands and the traffic that has been raised to the organization. The advantage could be grabbed from the use of the cloud provider global network as this would help in connecting to the people who are present all over the world and help in making the tasks successful.

The term and the technology which is cloud computing is not only limited to the computing thing but also related to the work that is associated with the cloud. There are various kinds of virtualized IT infrastructures that have been used by it and some of those includes of the servers, networking, software related to operating system and various applications that are present there that have special types of software that support the infrastructure that is abstracted and all these things are done because they can help pooling and also in dividing the things irrespective of the boundaries that are created because of the physical hardware. The best example to understand this is a physical server could be divided in such a manner that it could be used as a multiple server that is virtually serving the needs of the people.

Virtualization is one of the most advanced and best methods that is being used by the organizations and this has been found that cloud providers use the maximum of the data centre resources and provide the best of the services. It is not a surprise to hear that there are various organizations that have adopted for the cloud services and its model in their organization because they wanted to use various things and also they wanted to save a huge amount of money that is being spent over the things used for storing purposes.

If you are a person who uses mobile phones and laptops in your daily life then definitely you are the one who is using cloud computing technology in your life unknowingly because the apps and services like Google Gmail or Salesforce and even some of the streaming platforms like Netflix also uses the cloud computing technology and makes the people dependent of it.

Services of Cloud Computing

There are three main and common models that are part of the cloud services and they are known as SaaS which means Software-as-a-Service, IaaS which means Infrastructure-as-a Service, PaaS which means Platform-as-a-Service. It has been found that these three models are not used by the organizations all together and therefore, it can be estimated that they all are important and they have their own significance.


This is also known as the cloud software and also known as the applications for the cloud. They are the application software and they are being hosted by the cloud and after this they are being used by the other web browsers, API which are being associated or integrated with the mobile devices and even by the desktop clients.


This is nothing but the most important part of the services of the cloud as it helps the software developers to get the on-demand platform for the access of the cloud services. All these platforms help in managing, developing, running applications which are good in cost, inflexibility of maintenance and complexity. These are done by the help of the hardware, infrastructure, development tools and many other things.


This is related to the on-demand services that are being associated with the fundamental computing resources and the things that need to be pay as things go by are the ones related to the physical and virtual servers, storage and networking related things. The service deals with the end users and they help them to shrink or expand their resources based on their needs and demand in their work.


These are the some of the services that are being provided the cloud computing technology and they are the best and most preferred technology among the organizations because of the benefits it provides to the organization and also to their working pattern. The cloud computing technology is also related to the cloud and they are helping the organizations to cut their extra cost and issues.

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