What is Big Data? Importance of Big Data

The world has seen various changes in the field of technology since past few years as there are various new technologies that have been introduced in the market and has changed the complete scenario of the people’s thinking. The people have started opting for advance technologies and have become dependent over them but they do not have any idea that these advance technologies demand for the high amount of data for their execution and therefore, the data management and providing it the right amount of data is important for the accuracy. Let us now discuss about the technology that has been introduced in the market that helps in achieving all these things related to the data.

What is Big Data? Importance of Big Data

As the name itself tells the meaning of this technology and that is Big Data technology that deals with the data that is greater in its variety, along with this, it is present in huge volumes in the technology and also contains the higher velocity. If we would like to summarise the Big Data technology then it is nothing but a combination or all about three V’s.  If we look at the simpler meaning of the Big Data technology then it is nothing but a data which is larger in amount and is complex enough to deal with. The data sets that are being part of this technology are so huge and complex that a normal data managing system could handle it and therefore, lead loss of data or many other issues.

The three V’s of the Big Data technology that makes it

The Big Data technology comprises of three V’s and they are:


This V refers to the amount of data with which the technology deals and this is huge in amount. This technology processes the data that is unstructured in its format and also they have the amount or volume of the data to be higher and the density of that data to be low. The data could be not be predicted beforehand because the amount is huge and is therefore, there is no specific number of it. The best examples of these are the data feeds that are being available over the Twitter, clickstreams that are being done either on a website or on a mobile app and many others. There are various organizations for whom this data could be in tens of terabytes and for some it is hundreds of petabytes.


This V refers to the speed with which the data within an organization or a business is received or they act upon that accordingly. It has been observed that the speed of the data streaming is observed to be more if the data is stored directly to the memory and not in the disk because it is in the versus of it. There are some of the products that execute or function according to the real time things and therefore, it demands according to the real time things and all the calculations should be done according to that only.


The third V and one of the most important one because it helps in knowing that the technology is capable of dealing with the variety of data  and helps the people to resolve their issues of huge amount of data. The earlier data were considered to be traditional data and they were the structured ones due to which they can easily be stored in the database for future use but as the advancement has taken speed, therefore, the amount of data has been raised and therefore, storing of them become difficult. As a result of huge amount of data, the data has become unstructured and due to people as well as organizations find it difficult to deal with it. The unstructured and the data that is structured as well as unstructured lies in the semi-structured data then they include text, videos, and many other things and therefore, it became difficult to store and handle also. Hence, the role of the big data technology has helped a lot to the people to manage and deal with these things.

Working of the Big Data Technology

Big Data technology is one of the most advance and interesting technology and it has brought various new opportunities for the people as well as for the businesses to grow and bring new things for the people. There are mainly three actions that are part of the working of this technology and they are:


The big data technology collects the data from various sources and application and then uses it according to their benefits. There are some of the traditional methods for the process of data integration and they are known as load, extract and transform. These things also demands for the new strategies to be implemented and also new technologies to be used so that they can help in analysing the big data technology used sets on the scale of the terabyte and petabyte.  In the process of integration, there are some of the common process that are performed and they are taking the data and then processing over it and after all this is done then the data should be well formatted or organized so that the data could be used for the further purposes.


The technology demands for the storage and there are two places where the storing of the data could be done and those two places are over the cloud or on the premises and it has been found that it could be found on both the places also. The data can be handled in any manner and even there could be any process that could be applied over the data so that they can provide the essential and required outputs for the people. There are some of the people and organization who decides which storage solution they should take and this is done based on the place where their data is residing.


The investment done over the big data technology can only be seen or considered successful when they are being analysed and the changes in the data could be observed. The various types of data sets help in learning various things and helps also in recognising other things also.  The exploration over the data could be done by the help of the new discoveries that are done in that field and they have to keep analysing the things so that the changes could help in finding new things.

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