Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth – Kimi Raikkonen Biography

A racer with a net worth of $250 million, Kimi Raikkonen is from Finland. He was one of the world’s highest-paid athletes at the height of his career and earned more than $50 million per year. The nickname “Iceman” has been given to Raikkonen for other reasons as well: He’s from the cold climate of Finland, he’s cool under pressure, and he’s also known for his icy personality toward the press and other competitors.
At the end of February 2020, Raikkonen had won 21 Grand Prix races, making him the most successful driver from the Finnish team for the season. In his career, he raced for many Formula One teams, including Ferrari, but his most successful team was to date. In addition to Formula One, Kimi has traveled the world competing in a variety of motorsports, including the World Rally Championship, NASCAR, and snowmobile racing, among others.

Kimi announced his retirement at the end of the 2021 Formula 1 season on September 1, 2021.

Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth – Kimi Raikkonen Biography

Life in the Early Years

Espoo, Finland, is the birthplace of Kimi-Matias Räikkönen, born on October 17, 1979. Karting was Raikkonen’s first experience in racing at age a very young age, approximately around when he was just ten years old. Even after his steering wheel broke at age 15, he once again rode his kart in Monaco, demonstrating his incredible perseverance. His vocal cords were damaged in a bicycle accident when he was a young man. This results in a very distinctive speaking style, which can be heard in his voice.

His racing success would later lead him to win many more prestigious races, including the Nordic Championship, the European Formula Super A Championship, the Formula Ford Euro Cup, the British Formula Renault winter series, and the Formula Renault UK championship. He was assured of a future in Formula One because of his strong performances.

Formula One

During his time with Sauber Formula One, Raikkonen competed at the Mugello Circuit for the first time. In order to keep him a secret from rivals, Sauber decided to keep Kimi’s potential a secret until he competed in the big race. The aspiring Formula One driver has only competed in 23 races yet has been granted his Formula One license.

Following a successful year at Sauber, Raikkonen was recruited by McLaren in 2002. His first race after joining the team ended in a third-place finish, but engine issues hampered his progression. McLaren relied on an outdated engine and chassis at the time of his first victory in 2003, but he continued to show strong results regardless. A number of disadvantages did not stop the team from performing well, and they were within striking distance of winning the Constructors’ Championship until the very last race took place. As the season progressed, Räikkönen also battled with Michael Schumacher.

A new season has begun for Raikkonen at Alfa Romeo Racing. Once again, with an impressive first half of the season, he demonstrated his impressive talent and pushed the team to new heights. While he did experience a significant decline in form in 2020, he also felt the impact of Antonio Giovinazzi’s return, and fell to Alfa Romeo’s number two positions.


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