Importance of Friendship in our Life

Friendship, Every day we hear people tossing around this word.

It is a known fact that friendship is a valuable asset, but why exactly?

It is like a human being interacting with other people. There is nothing uncommon about feeling better when we are around people we like and care about. People enjoy being with friends because of this reason.

Importance of Friendship in our Life


Advantages of friendship

Friendship is a natural stress reliever

When I have bad news, my friends are the first people I contact. Why is this the case? Whenever I need to talk to a friend, I know I can count on them to make me feel better (immediately) no matter what is going on in my life. A friend can naturally relieve stress by interacting with them. If we seek to support and vent from them, we experience a greater sense of distress and overwhelm.

Friends Offer Support Mentally and Emotionally

We need support from someone when our mental and emotional health is at stake, and sometimes we need someone in our corner when we really need it. When you have friends, it is almost guaranteed that you will have them when you need them. The advice your friend gives you on life’s problems is not always the right one. The best feeling is when you know someone will support you, accept you, and love you when you need it.

Confidence can be increased by having good friends

Despite not being able to speak for your friends, I am encouraged by my closest friends! They always encourage me and give me confidence when I am feeling down or uncertain about something.

Having friends keeps us active

You can keep yourself active by having fun with your friends. In an ideal friendship, the friends usually do things together and support one another’s activities. Although we are not always together, my friends and I constantly challenge each other to stay active and engaged using our watches.

Security comes with friendships

There is nothing better than knowing you can depend on someone. When you feel that someone is on your side, you can feel unimaginably comfortable. The importance of having a friend or two who will provide you with that kind of security cannot be overstated. When a person has more than that, they can consider themselves exceptionally lucky. Don’t fail to appreciate it.

Friends Provide Mental and Emotional Support

We all need someone to support us, and sometimes having someone in our corner is crucial when we need mental and emotional support. It is pretty much guaranteed that you will have that when you need it if you have friends. Sometimes your friend cannot give you advice or have the answer to all your problems. When you need encouragement, acceptance, and love, it is nice to have someone there with us

We can express ourselves better through trusted friends

You can always count on your friends for support and ideas when you have dreams and goals. Your opportunities will increase the more you express yourself through your friends. To share my thoughts with friends and listen to what they have to say are two of my favorite things to do. Only share your ideas with someone you trust if you want to express them.

The company of good friends encourages us to move beyond our comfort zones

If you don’t have friends who push you to always be better, new friends can help you learn new things and become a better person. Your best friends will help you move past your comfort zone and will urge you to take a leap.

Loneliness Can Be Prevented by Friends

You feel less lonely when you have good friends. It doesn’t matter where you live; you can always contact your friends or video chat with them thanks to the internet.

Feelings of belonging are facilitated by friendships

Being a member of a group gives you a sense of belonging. Feeling good about yourself and appreciating your belonging boosts your self-esteem

Self-esteem Can Be Boosted by Friends

By being around friends, one can improve their self-esteem and build confidence. Cheering you on can be achieved with the support of a friend

Grief Comes in All Kinds, and Friends Help Us Cope

If you think back to the last challenging situation, you might be hard-pressed to recall the last time you lost someone close to you or lost something of value (a job, a pet, or a relationship). You will probably have the support of your friends during this challenging time because they are available to you when you need them

Healthy Behaviors Can Be Encouraged by Friends

You can motivate yourself to make healthy choices when you receive encouragement from others who have made healthy choices

Having a solid relationship may prolong our lives

An analysis of survivors of a polio epidemic published in PLoS Medicine found that people with strong social connections had a 50% higher chance of survival.


The human habit of forming friendships is naturally triggered by people with traits and ideas similar to our own and showing some of our own characteristics. A joke says that true friends know everything about us yet still love us despite that knowledge. Since there is no better way to ensure your lifetime happiness than through developing intimate relationships, we must cultivate these relationships.


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