Friday Night Funkin vs Garcello HD – fnf vs Garcello

Friday night Funkin

Friday night funkin is a type of open source game which was firstly introduced in the market in 2020. The main purpose of this game is to create game jam among the people and this game was established by a team which includes for the members who are new to the grounds.

If we look at the name of these users then Isaac Kawaisprite Garcia, David PhantomArcade Brown , Cameron Ninjamuffin99 Taylor and evilsk8r were the people who were the members of this team.

Friday Night Funkin vs Garcello HD - fnf vs Garcello

Some of the features that are introduced by this game includes the gameplay with the help of PaRappa the Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution. There are some of the roasters that are included in this game and these roasters usually the Cedars, are some of the characters from the external media format of this game.


The main theme of this game is that the player needs to play the role of a boyfriend who used to defeat all the rappers and singers who are going to spoil their date with his interested girlfriend. The main theme of this game is too mimic the notes of the opposition and during this you have to keep on looking at the health percentage as it is the only thing which matters at the end of this game.


In this game, the user has to pass some of the different levels that are majorly considered as the part of weeks and in every week, there are three songs that start the game play. In every week, there is a new challenge that the individual needs to face and this is something which makes it interesting while playing, the player has to sing the song with the help of some keys given for different tones.


Garcello is basically a character that a player needs to perform and he is basically a smoker and he used to cover up his eyes with a hat. Whenever he smokes a secret than the emitted smoke from the cigarette shows some of the suggestions along with some of the keys and arrows that the player needs to look. In addition to this, during the gameplay his body converts into several colors and fade away at several points.


The man showed in this game has a laid back and it looks very similar to some of the antagonist that we usually see in the Friday night funkin game. In addition, he does not have any kind of negative role as we have seen in the game of Friday night funkin as he is very nice as a boyfriend and all he wants is some respect from the community around him.

In the same way, in this game, Garcello does not have any care about himself and this is the reason why he keeps on smoking, even he knows that it is hurting him from inside and still he smokes a lot. The main purpose of his character is to smile on the time even if he is dying due to the smoke.

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