Chris Laundrie Net Worth – Chris Laundrie Biography

Chris Laundrie, also widely recognized as Christopher John, is a white male American from Florida. He used to live in different regions of New York prior to actually moving to Florida, including Woodhaven, Bayport, Bohemia, and Forest Hills.

Laundrie also resided in the United States, in Hanahan, South Carolina. He also is married to a woman named Roberta, who seems to be seven years his junior. The pair has been the center of attention ever since their son Brian, mysteriously disappeared.

As of now, Chris Laundrie is 62 years of age. Further to that, his wife Roberta is 50 years of age, and his son Brian is 32. He is of white ethnic background and of American by nationality.

Chris Laundrie Net Worth – Chris Laundrie Biography Net Worth- Chris Laundrie Net Worth – Chris Laundrie Biography Biography


Chris Laundrie’s Wife, Children, and Relationship

Chris is a married man. Roberta Laundrie is his wife’s name. He is seven years Roberta’s senior. Roberta offered birth to a baby girl Cassandra Laundrie in 1989. Roberta ended up giving birth to a baby boy Brian Laundrie, in 1998.

Brian Laundrie is well-known for being Gabby Petitio’s fiance. She’s been missing since August 25, 2021. They were touring Yellowstone National Park at the time. Gabby is a woman of twenty years of age. They’ve been dating for a bunch of years.

Gradually over time, romance blossomed, and indeed the two repetitively fell madly in love with one another. Gabby embraced Brian Laundrie’s proposal in 2020, and the two exchanged vows. She and Brian set out on for a scenic long drive around July 2021.

At first, they decided to proceed to drive from Florida to New York City.

Brian and Gabby made a conscious decision to reside in a van next to each other. However, he ended up making his way back to Florida on his own. Petito’s family reported that she was missing on September 11 after being unable to contact her for a period of several days.

Chris Laundrie’s Professional Career

Moving on to Chris Laundrie’s professional life, he and his wife Roberta own a company named Juicer Services. It is, in fact, a business that sells and services advertising juicing equipment.

Moreover, the company has its headquarters in North Port and was established on June 7, 2017. Furthermore, he is the company’s chairman, and Roberta is the vice chairman.

Where did he go to high school and university? What was his field of study?

Chris’s education must have ended in his hometown. His academic background, on the other hand, is mysterious. His high school and university continue to stay under investigative process. If new evidence comes to light, it will be shared.

Chris Laundrie’s net worth; How much money does he make?

Chris Laundrie’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $1 and $5 million. But even so, his accurate net worth is still to be disclosed. According to media stories, Chris and his wife resides in a single-story apartment on Wabasso Avenue in North Port, Sarasota County, Florida.

He and Roberta reside in a 10,000-square-foot residence in North Port. As the entrepreneur of Juicer Company in the United States of America, they appear to live a luxurious lifestyle.

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