Brittany Lopez Murray Net Worth


Brittany Lopez Murray is a resident of Florida and she is of age 31 years. She has been working in a middle school where she used to teach drama to the students. Murray was good at her work. But it was reported that she used to misuse her position. Also, tried to do sex with one of her students.

She was arrested for this activity as this was reported to the police. The action was done out of force but that was not the truth because the student was also engaged in that. All these things happened in the car of the student. This activity was not only performed once within the school premises. But, she used to do it multiple times with the students on different occasions.

Brittany Lopez Murray Net Worth

They both were in a proper relationship as noted in the report. All this started when the instructor texted the boy a message that defines about her feelings towards him. This was found in the report that was created by Miami Herald.

Brittany Lopez Murray accused to have sex with a student

Brittany Lopez Murray and the student, who used to have sex with her is now in high school. She has not only done sex but also used to chat about that on different social media platforms. They also used to discuss how much they enjoyed while doing it. All these were mentioned in the report that was formed against them regarding this case. It was also mentioned in the report that the Brittany Lopez Murray used to pick him up from his basketball practice so that they can meet and have sex together in her car.

Brittany Lopez Murray has also worked at Hialeah Middle school and that too for about four years. She was given a name at that school in the year 2007 and that was rookie teacher of the year. In the report it was mentioned that it was noted on Saturday by the boy’s sister who said the chats between Brittany Lopez Murray and his brother. This was not only the case but it was found that his father has also seen nude photos of Brittany Lopez Murray in his phone.

Brittany Lopez Murray Arrested

For the case, Brittany Lopez Murray was charged various charges. They were lewd and lascivious battery, charge for engaging with a child in the sexual things, and the molestation charge. One of the lawyers of the teacher Brittany Lopez Murray said that she should be presumed innocent by the time she is not proved to be guilty for the charges. They also mentioned that everyone out holds some patients in them, therefore. they should not run directly to the judgement but keep in mind the privacy of the family.

Fired from her job

There was a district school name Miami-Dade that mentioned to Miami Herald school that Brittany Lopez Murray should be fired as soon as possible because she was arrested under such a case. The school also mentioned that each of the employee is given training regarding various things. They are also expected to abide the policies of District’s Standards of Ethical Conduct. They said they have been working hard in the implementation of these things. Still there are some of the people who spoil it by doing some of the things that raise questions against these things.


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