Brain Laundrie Net Worth- Brain Laundrie Biography

Brain Laundrie is a businessperson and he is famous because of her fiancée Gabby Petito because she was missing and a report was registered against this. He was a native person if long Island and was living with his family. It was noticed that Brian came back after his fiancée wars missing and then after few days, he was missing. If we notice the net worth of him and his family due to his highly growing business, Juice Services Inc, then it turns out to be $5 million.

Brain Laundrie Net Worth- Brain Laundrie Biography

Early Life

Brian Laundrie was a native person of Long Island and he was born on 18 November 1997. His parents, Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, brought him along with his sister who was named as Cassie Laundrie. He met Gabby Petito in his school days and he use to go to Bayport-Blue Point High School. After they met, they started feeling for each other and were engaged.


There are not much traces of Brian Laundrie’s career but it has been noticed that he is a successful businessperson.


When it comes to his relationship with Gabby Petito then there is a long story of it. Gabrielle Venora Petito is the one who is known as Gabby because of her family and she is the fiancée of Brian Laundrie. She was a person who love enjoying things and therefore she on board over four-month trip by her van to the United States. Her van was converted to the camper for the travelling purposes and provided her new adventure and fun.

The love story of Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito started when they were in their high school and after they were engaged then Gabby started living Brian Laundrie and his family in their home. The starting of their journey was done when they planned and travelled to different country for the time span of four months and that too in their van, which was named as 2012 Ford Transit van and all this, started on 2 July 2021.

Gabby had a YouTube channel, which was named as Nomadic Statik, and they were having the documentation of their trip over there and it was clearly depicted that the trip was going well. There were normal things happening on their trip and there were no releases done on the channel related to their trip since last three weeks but suddenly the news of Gabby being lost came out to the people and everything was turned to that news.

As the things were getting more serious to the disappearance of Gabby then it was noticed that on September 12, police in Utah found both of them fighting and arguing with each other and there were many people who have different things to tell but the common thing was that they had a fight and Gabby was crying while Brian was angry. Along with this thing, it was found that Brian returned from the trip without Gabby on the van on 1 September 2021 and after 10 days of it Gabby’s family reported about the disappearance of Gabby. As the investigation was on and Brian was the suspect for the action then he opted for a lawyer who handles his in favor of him. As the things were going well in investigation, there was sudden missing of Brian on 14 September 2021 and now police in search Brian so that a clear picture of the case could be brought out. In the meantime, police has encountered a body, which resembles with Gabby’s description.

This is all about the current situation of their case and things have become very messy.

Brian Laundrie Net worth

The exact calculation of Brian’s net worth is under review, it has been found that he, and his family was very rich because of their business, Juice Services Inc. that provides the juices of wheatgrass, vegetables, and oranges. The net worth of Brian Laundrie is of about 5 million.

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