Aubrey Plaza Net Worth – Aubrey Plaza Biography

Aubrey Plaza is an American lady which is working in the film industry and she also holds the talent of a comedienne. By her hardwork and her talent, she has reached a net worth of about $6 million dollars for showcasing her talent in public. The actress got her fame from the film NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, in this she showed her starring role and the character that she was in the film was April Ludgate. The Aubrey Plaza has various starring roles in various films like Funny People, Happiest Season, and Lifeafter Beth, Dirty Grandpa and many others.

Early Life

The Aubrey Plaza was born in Wilmington which is in Delaware and the date was 26 June. Her father’s name was David and he was a financial advisor for the people. On the other hand, her mother’s name was Bernadette and she was an attorney. The Aubrey Plaza has two more sisters and she was the eldest out of three. The name of her two sisters was Natalie and Renee.

The Aubrey Plaza belonged to different religions as her father was from Puerto Rican and her mother was from Irish and her parents together were devout Catholics. She was brought up in the Catholic culture and she was also sent to Catholic school which was completely of girls and the name of her school was Ursuline Academy. She did her graduation of the high school from that school and that too in the year 2002. She joined the Wilmington Drama League during her high school days and her interest towards the films and acting was very serious and due to this, she went to New York University’s Tisch School in the Arts as this would help her to achieve her dreams. She was graduated in the year 2006 from the New York University and she has achieved good skills from the University.


She started her career from the time when she was in college NYU by doing internship at Saturday Night Live and from there she gathered some of the experience to be added to her talent from there. After her internship, she started her career by working in theatre and the first place where she worked was Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. It was also found that she had her own sketch from there and also she has improved her skills in a very advance manner. In parallel to all these things, she was also serving sets to two famous stand-up comedy places which were named as The Improv and the other one was the Laugh Factory. Aubrey Plaza also played the role of a page in the NBC’s apprenticeship program and in this task was simple and that was to provide studio stores to the 30 most famous Rockefeller building.

As her film industry career started, she started doing various landing roles in various series that are being played online and some of the famous ones are Terrible Decisions which was done with Ben Schwartz, and The Jeannie Tate Show. In the year 2009, she got an opportunity to perform the role of a Funny Person along with the three famous actors and they were Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, and Leslie Man. As the time increased, her career also took speed and therefore, she worked in Parks and Recreation and her role was a landing one which was named as April Ludgate. It has been found that this marvellous work of the lady was on-air in the time span of 2009 to 2015.

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